Module Questionnaires


This questionnaire lets you find out which chronotype you belong to. Are you an “owl”, a “pigeon” or a “lark”? The basic course explains the distribution in our society and the consequences for your optimal sleep hygiene.


This questionnaire shows your risk of a specific and common condition, namely obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. All participants in the basic course will find out exactly what a high risk means and how best to counter it.


The sleep log allows you to record your day-night rhythm over five weeks. This in turn allows you to assess irregularities as well as the extent of sleep disturbances. Course participants learn to correctly classify their actual sleep duration as well as repeated night-time awakenings.


The “Regensburg Insomnia Scale” questionnaire helps to recognize the extent of insomnia complaints. Course participants are taught in detail about the cause, vicious cycle and diagnostic criteria of the most common sleep disorder, namely insomnia.