Sleep Education 

Sleep education is the way to achieve healthy and restful sleep. Utilize our expertise for your employees and yourself to identify risk factors and unhealthy sleep during the LIVE online courses – we offer effective prevention within an interactive setting in small groups.

Sleep disorders come along with reduced sleep quality, reduce performance and life satisfaction. This negative interaction can be avoided by effective methods. Therefore, make use of:

  • Our sleep medicine knowledge from daily practice and research as an live online course
  • Group dynamics increase motivation and are more effective than on-demand offers used individually (scientifically proven).
  • Active knowledge transfer through the live format in small groups (max 30 p.).
  • New research findings are appropriately categorized by our research background.
  • The start date of the course has a binding and motivating effect on participants.


Harriet S.: “I felt taken care of. Dr. Zeising conveyed the most important information to me in a sympathetic manner. I can now sleep much more peacefully.”
Daniel C.: “I had a lot of questions, but Dr. Zeising also had the patience to address each one. Thanks again for the successful course.”
Victor M.: “The main thing is that I now sleep more restfully. That worked. And the course was interesting on top of that. Great. I can only recommend it.”
Bettina H: “Complex topics were explained vividly. I found the voice and manner pleasant and easy to follow. Questions could be asked at any time.”
Thomas K.: “Every course should be this interactive.”
Peter W.: “Without that one questionnaire, I would have never found out about my nocturnal breathing pauses. This discovery was invaluable. Thank you.”
Stephan D.: “You can immediately tell that Mr. Zeising brings current research findings from international conferences.“


“For several years now, we have been regularly conducting sleep education courses for our employees with Dr. Zeising. These courses are always well-attended. Participants appreciate that Dr. Zeising explains complex issues in simple terms and through everyday examples, as well as thoroughly addressing their personal questions.”

Daniel Mundkowski
Doctor at AUDI AG

“Dr. Zeising conveys the content in an understandable and interactive manner. The participants were actively involved. That made the course lively. It’s like vibrant knowledge, so to speak.”


“The sleep education courses by Dr. Zeising always generated great interest among our colleagues. The participants and their experiences were included, making it lively, interactive, and enjoyable to participate. We can highly recommend the courses.”

Amicale, European Patent Office